Chinese Man Jailed For Selling VPNs that Bypass Great Firewall

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To continue its crackdown on VPNs, Chinese authorities have in remission a 26-year-old man for commercialism VPN software system on the net.
China’s Supreme Court has sentenced Deng Jiewei from Dongguan in Guangdong, near the metropolis, to 9 months in jail for commercialism virtual non-public network (VPN) software system through his little freelance web site.

VPN encrypts users’ net traffic and routes it through an overseas affiliation, so net surfers will hide their identities and placement information whereas accessing websites that are typically restricted or censored by any country.
Chinese voters typically build use of VPNs to bypass the excellent Firewall of China, additionally called the Golden protect project, that employs a range of tricks to censor the web within the country.
The project already blocked access to some one71 out of the world’s 1,000 prime websites, as well as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, and also the Pirate Bay within the country.
But to tighten grip over the net and online users, the Chinese government proclaimed a 14-month-long crushing on VPNs within the country at the start of this year, requiring VPN service suppliers to get prior government approval.
The move created most VPN vendors within the country of 730 million web users dirty, and has currently resulted in the arrest of Deng, WHO was condemned of “providing software system and tools for in cursive and lawlessly dominant the pc system.”

According to the court documents announce on the China’s Supreme People’s Court web site, Deng has been mercantilism 2 VPN services on his web site since October 2015, and was 1st detained in August last year.
Deng in conjunction with his partner Jiang Moufeng created nearly fourteen,000 Chinese yuan (just US$2,138) mercantilism the VPN computer code, that allowed users to “visit foreign websites that would not be accessed by a solid ground scientific discipline address.”
Deng has been found guilty of intrusions and “illegal management of laptop system procedures,” and has been sentenced to 9 months imprisonment and penalized five,000 Chinese yuan.
Deng was indeed convicted in March this year. However, the net court documents were circulated on a Chinese web log trailing social media trends in China, known as what is on Weibo, solely on Sunday.
We according in July that Apple conjointly removed a number of the favored VPN apps, as well as ExpressVPN and Star VPN, from its official Chinese app store to fits the govt was quelling which will stay in situ until March thirty-one, 2018.


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